Car wrapping Ireland – Change your car and advertise here

Car wrapping Ireland – Change your car and advertise here

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Advertising, change the color of the car, original artwork and tinted windows? Everything you will find in us … Read about what we can do for you … and this is only just a drop in the ocean of our possibilities, that you can always use it.

Car wrapping – car chameleon

Car wrapping Ireland is a very good idea to change the car in a very simple, quick and inexpensive way. What does the word change? For example bored with the color of your car if you need it immediately repaint? The paint is very expensive, so you may want to invest in car wrapping Ireland? Cars are wrapped in a special high-grade film that lets you change your car’s paintwork of metalika at the pearly or dull, or maybe you have another idea? Color selects the car owner. You can also choose interesting graphics, and then the car will be more original. The whole operation takes just a few days – from three to five days. After this period, your car will be as good as new. If you like to change the color of your car, car wrapping Ireland it is for you the most appropriate method. We offer you quality service and enduring. Our film is very robust and protects paintwork from damage. The film itself does not need to be changed from 5 to 7 years. Do not shrink, it is resistant to weathering – not terrible it rain or sun, or frost. You can safely wash your car in the car wash – manual and automatic. You can polish your car freely. In addition, damage is easily repairable. Not to mention all of the film, only the damaged section. Our film is completely removable, and you can remove it at any time and change the color of your car again, and at the same time not to damage its core paint.

Do you like tinted windows?

Some argue that tinted windows are simply strange trend. We, however, we believe that the tinted windows improve usability of the car and increase the comfort of use. Window tinting why Ireland is so beneficial? First of all, because it definitely increases comfort during the same drive. Tinted windows mean that the temperature inside the car is simply lower. On hot summer days you will not need to use air conditioning, and consequently – fuel consumption will be lower. Another advantage is the reduction of the negative impact of the sun or the classic reflections. Driving a car with tinted windows is safer, because the sun’s rays are gentle to the eyes of the driver. There are no dangerous reflections. Such windows protect both the car and its passengers against the negative effects of UV radiation. Anyone who chooses to window tinting Ireland, has the right to choose the hue of your window. It is worth remembering that change the color of the glass also improves the appearance of the vehicle itself. Tinted windows protect both the interior from harmful UV rays, and an additional coating itself strengthens the glass, making it harder damage them. The glass is simply safer, because special membrane keeps it in one piece, even during a severe blow.

Note that this stained glass more attractive your car and do not affect the quality of vision while driving. Established by us material also does not affect the quality of radio reception, phone calls, GPS. Our product is safe and durable (up to 20 years), also does not require special treatment during cleaning. However, caution against the use of potent substances such as acids, corrosives and solvents. While the coating is scratch resistant.

Graphical signature on the car?

Do the graphics on the cars is only for szpanerów? Signage Ireland is an original signature that your car stand out from the crowd, dressed it in something that will give him a proper character and will fit into your lifestyle. This car will definitely your original car, and I think everyone wants to have a car that somehow highlight and mark the character and passion of its owner. Therefore, the graphics on the cars is original signature. This artwork is also a mobile advertising and mobile advertising on trucks are all the rage. Thanks to your company become recognizable, and you will gain customers, wherever you go in his car – as mobile advertising. And unless you know the password that advertising is leveraged trade?

The moving advertising on the car is not everything offered by our company. Ireland is also signage banners, which you can place on a site of your store or office. You choose graphics, we perform it under your supervision. Our materials are of high quality – they are resistant to weathering, UV, rain and frost. Besides a full range of print in color or monochrome. We print graphics and glued it in place at the indicated address. We create graphics for all – hospitals, restaurants, shops, businesses. The print, which is located on the glass company or store, we can also put on the windshield of your car, so you would be able to access the fixed-line advertising as an interesting and an original mobile advertising banner or your or company car.

Signage Ireland , car wrapping Ireland, window tinting Ireland is our passion, which you can use at any time.

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